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I'd like to introduce you to my other form of artistic outlet,

my Print-On-Demand redbubble store.

I sing, compose and write songs, but I’ve always wanted to create art/images for T-shirts, hats, mugs etc. as a natural extension of my music and creativity, so Tadaaaaa :)

30% of my net revenue here get donated, split between three of my favorite organizations. It’s important to me to give back, and these organizations do extraordinary work helping our planet heal. So shop for you and your family/friends, and feel great about it!

Design and Product Spotlights with Shortcuts

These are some of my designs showcased on some of the products. It can get overwhelming when there's so much to choose from, so this is my attempt on making it easier for you.
mply CLICK on your FAVORITE, and it will take you to the Store Page in a new window where you can see all the products with that design. Scroll and browse to discover other suggestions and designs.
The products have HIGH QUALITY, and the Customer Service is EXCELLENT!


outofthecage promo.jpg
pinkflower promo.jpg
Bougainvillea flower print
sunflower promo.jpg
California Coast Sunflower Print

 "A thing is just a thing until you give it meaning"
My reason for saying that is that I sometimes use THINGS as reminders. Like this one. It sits on my speaker in my recording studio, and it reminds me daily to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.

outofthecage on speaker.jpeg
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