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Merethe Soltvedt is an award winning vocalist, singer songwriter, recording artist and performing artist, and composer born and raised in Norway.
She moved to Los Angeles 8 years ago, and is an established session vocalist for composers in the TV, Film, Video Game, and Movie Trailer business, as well as a skilled songwriter and performer.

As a session vocalist she is working with composers such as Jeff Broadbent, Henry Lai, Tom Salta, Ivan Torrent and companies like Brand X Music, Two Steps From Hell, Thomas J. Bergersen, Audio Imperia and Ghostwriter to mention a few.
Her voice is featured on the Official Soundtrack for the Steven Spielberg movie "Ready Player One" in the track "Pure Imagination", and she does backup vocals for Ringo Starr on the Roger Miller Tribute Album "King of the Road", to mention a few.

As a Singer Songwriter Merethe works with Grammy-Winners such as Mikal Blue, Jeff Silbar, and Bruce Sugar, and is writing for other artists, for sync, and for herself.

Merethe is also venturing more into the world of composing, and enjoys creating sparse underscore pieces meant for documentaries and TV shows.
She recently invested in upgrading her recording studio, and delivers tracks to companies like DocuScores, Score A Score and Brand X Music.


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"My working experience with Merethe has been wonderful and most enjoyable. Her talent and her magical voice brings life and adds another dimension to my cues, it was truly a pleasure working with her."
- Henry Lai (renowned Chinese composer)

"Norwegian Merethe Soltvedt has the most angelic voice I have ever heard.

Her voice is like sunshine, it inspires you, makes you feel wonderful."

- T.J.B - Composer Two Steps From Hell

"The world knows that Merethe has an absolutely gorgeous voice from her work with Two Steps from Hell, movie trailers and solo work. But she’s also extremely pleasurable to work with; she is lightening fast, takes direction really well, and contributes creatively. Comes highly recommended!"
- Johannes Ringen - composer


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   "It was a great experience working with Merethe, she gave exactly the ethereal vocal performance we'd envisaged, delivered on time and with great professionalism"
- Paul Zimmer - Zimmer Audio


Merethe Soltvedt and Mike Datz. Photo by Spencer Skelly Photography
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