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In my late teens, I played lead guitar and sang backup vocals in a Pantera inspired hard rock band. Then a long journey took me back to my acoustic guitar and the singer-songwriter genre, and I released several singles, EP's and albums independently. I still do.

In 2005, chance, luck, or whatever you wanna call it, put me in touch with Thomas Bergersen, a Norwegian composer of the most inspiring and Epic music. I started recording vocals for his tracks, and 19 years later we still work together.

In the photo above you see a full circle moment for me. In August 2023 I had the honor of performing with Thomas and Two Steps From Hell live on the Harder Stage at Wacken, one of the biggest outdoor Metal Festivals in Europe. Coming from a Hard Rock/Metal background, performing in front of 65,000 metal fans was like coming home. I truly hope I get to do it again!

I told you this story just to give an idea of who I am, because a lot of the music I release and work on, is not in this genre.

My work as a session singer mostly involves recording vocals for some of the best composers in the world, the genre is typically what I call Epic Orchestral / Cinematic Pop, and it spans from film cues, to movie trailers, official releases, video games, and so on.

I have the huge honor of singing on both the newly released AND the upcoming solo album by Paul Dinletir. He is the founder and owner of Audiomachine, a Production Music Company based in Los Angeles,
and I get to work on different projects under the

Audiomachine umbrella.

In the video game world, I was invited to record vocals for Asgard's Wrath 2, a Virtual Video Game with SO much music created by composer Rob Westwood. I'm been fortunate to work on a few other projects with Rob as well!

In the Trailer Music world, I have been working with Ghostwriter Music since the beginning of Ghostwriter Music. Nowadays I get to work with Bryan Nguyen and Paige Mount. It is always a treat to get a "are you in your studio?" messages from either of them!

I have also had the crazy experiences of performing live with Two Steps From Hell in The Walt Disney Concert Hall (2013), Film Music Festival in Prague - 2 shows in one day (2018), European Concert Hall Tour (2022) and European Arena Tour (2023) in addition to the German Metal Festival Wacken mentioned above.

Lately I have been invited to songwriting sessions with international artist, including an Australian winner of The Voice (2022).

In addition to these projects and SO many more, I write my own music that is released by me, available on all major platforms.



"Norwegian Merethe Soltvedt has the most angelic voice I have ever heard.

Her voice is like sunshine, it inspires you, makes you feel wonderful."

- Thomas J. Bergersen - composer

"Collaborating with Merethe is an absolute delight! Her vocal range spans from delicate, tender notes to powerful, emotive crescendos. Each session is filled with joy, laughter, and an undeniable sense of creativity.”
- Paul Dinletir - composer

“Over the past decade, Merethe has been an invaluable collaborator on numerous projects. Her dedication and passion consistently shine through, elevating my work to new levels.”
- Bryan Nguyen, Ghostwriter Music Partner -

Head/Custom Music

"The world knows that Merethe has an absolutely gorgeous voice from her work with Two Steps from Hell, movie trailers and solo work. But she’s also extremely pleasurable to work with; she is lightening fast, takes direction really well, and contributes creatively. Comes highly recommended!"
- Johannes Ringen - composer

"It was a great experience working with Merethe, she gave exactly the ethereal vocal performance we'd envisaged, delivered on time and with great professionalism"
- Paul Zimmer - Zimmer Audio

I’ve really enjoyed using the Jaeger Merethe Soltvedt sample library from Audio Imperia to demo and mockup vocals, and later recording the final vocal tracks with Merethe. I’ve had a lot of success in using the Jaeger samples for mockups and to gain client approval, and recording afterwards with Merethe really helps to increase the realism, quality, and emotion of the music. While the realism and fluidity of the Jaeger samples is quite amazing, nothing really compares to recording live with Merethe! The emotion she captures in her performances, the level of detail, the interesting and varied vocalizations and inflections she can capture, all contribute to very unique, stirring, and captivating vocal performances. I’ve recorded with her on several projects, and she always captures the spirit and essence of the music with her voice. I highly recommend this process – using the Jaeger samples as a high-quality demo tool, and then capturing the full emotion and performance with Merethe recording!

- Jeff Broadbent - award winning composer for Video Games

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